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Chatting With the Boys

By: Lizzi McLean

Authors Note: Super_dude100 is not a real SN. Well, it could be, but I just made it up off the top of my head. Oh yeah, this chat is completely FICTIONAL.

I'm bored so I go onto the computer to see if my best friend is online. She isn’t, so I decide to surf or update my site. While I'm surfing, an IM message pops up:

super_dude100:Are you Lizzi?

me: Yeah. I'm guessing you’ve been to my site?

I said that due to the fact that this was a complete stranger and I was on the SN I use for my site.

SD:yeah. I'm not here to suggest anything. I just want to talk.

me: k

me: So... A/S/L

SD: You wouldn't believe it


SD: Umm... 23/M/somewhere on the face of this earth

me: Um, i'm only 15. But don't leave! You seem nice.

SD: thanx, but I wasn't planning on leaving.

me: :-)

SD: @--}---}----

me: aww, you shouldn't have

SD: I didn't. it was my friend

me: How old is he/she?

SD: HE'S 27

me:RU guys hot?

SD: Everyone thinks we are


me:wait a sec.

me: how about 23 is #1 and 27 is #2

SD: How about we use names?

me: or that...

The 27 yr old writes something in Spanish.

Me: what the heck does that mean?

SD: do you take Spanish?

Me: if I did I wouldn’t ask what the heck that means

SD: Duh, SD#1

SD: Hey! Who's computer is this?

me: lol!

me: =^..^=    {meow}

SD: who's that?

me: just a cat

SD: #2- you have a gifted cat

me: Um, whatever you say

SD:We're backstreet boys


They just blurted it out in front of my face. It was like they really did, because they had to repeat it


me: Yeah right! Do you know how many times I've gotten that?

SD:#2- but we really are!

SD:#1- Yeah. I'm AJ. I said I was 23 before right? And Howie, you may not have noticed, but I used his nickname just before.

I scroll up  

me: Everyone knows your nicknames. And your ages

SD: How about we sing for you?


SD: Howie- no, really. the rest of the guys are here too. Well, not in the room, but in the house.

me: This is a CHAT ROOM.

SD: We have mics

me: I do too.

SD: Would you believe us if you heard our voices?


me: Allright. I'll make a voice chat room and invite you in


Allright, let's switch sides real quick. 20 minutes earlier…

AJ: I betcha I can get somebody to believe!

Howie: Well, I have to see this.

AJ turns on the computer and goes online.

AJ: Let's see if... hey, didn't that Backstreet Forever place have the Webmasters screen name somewhere?

Howie: What Backstreet Forever place?

AJ: Oh yeah, you didn't see it. It's a fan site...

Howie: Well, I wanna see it!

AJ finds the site:

Backstreet Forever

AJ clicks on contact info  

AJ: A ha! look! there's her screen name

Howie: Don’t you think she only wants to be contacted if it has to do with the site?

AJ: It does have something to do with the site! I mean, the site is all about us!

Howie: All right... But I want to see a little more of the site first!

Back to my point of view ...

I hope I did this right 

SD: yo

me: Good! It worked!

SD: How do we voice chat?

me: turn on your mic, then click on the little icon thingie


I turn on my mic, turn up the speakers, and click. My heart starts beating a little faster. Okay Lizzi, it's probably NOT them.  

AJ: So, believe yet?  

I freeze. It sounds so much like AJ

Howie: Hello?

Whoa, that really sounds like Howie.

Me: Hi

AJ: well, do you believe it's us?

I decide to tease them a little  

Me: No.

AJ: well then, do you have a camera?

Me: No. Wait, I just got one!

Excitedly I turn it on

Me: do you?

Howie: I think she believes us. Hear how excited she is?

AJ: Yeah, we have a camera. I'm guessing we click here...

I click too. All of a sudden, another box pops up, showing two figures. I take a deep breath to calm myself

Me (quietly): Oh my God...

AJ and Howie laugh.

AJ: Now you believe?

Me: Yeah... Unless you guys cloned yourselves or something...

Howie: Happy birthday!

Me: how did you know that?

Howie: We went to your site

Well, duh. That's how they got my screen name.

Just then another face appears. And another…

Brian and Nick (at the same time): Hello!

Me: this is too much...

Nick: What is?

Me: this is WAY too good to be true!

I hear another voice "What are you guys doing?"  

Nick: Talkin' to a fan

Kevin: Let me see!

Kevins face appears on the screen

Kev: where is she?

Brian: Look! She's hiding!

Me: (laughing)

AJ: remember that site we saw last night?

Nick: Yeah?

Howie: That's the webmistress

Me: Your lovely web mistress.

Kev: How old are you?

Me: 15, but my birthday is coming up…

All of a sudden an IM message pops up. It’s my best friend.

mybestfriend:Hey Lizzi!

me: You finally get online and I'm busy talking to somebody else. Oh my God, you would kill me if...

AJ: Lizzi?

Me: Just a sec. My best friend is online.

Nick: Your best friend?

Me:Yep. I'm going to invite her in. hold on

Mybestfriend: Lizzi?

me: yeah, wait. I'm goin to invite you to the room I’m in. turn on your mic, and you just got a camera too, right?

mybestfriend: Yeah, what's going on?

me: You'll see!

I send the invitation

Me (to the BSB): Okay, I sent an invitation. Lucky her, she just got a camera too.

mybestfriend: Who, what, huh?

Me: They look familiar to you?

mybestfriend: (clueless look on face)

BSB: Hi!

Mybestfriend: All right guys, that was corny...


Brian: Yikes! She's crazy!

Me: (laughing) I didn't think she would react like that! I mean, I thought I was more likely to scream!

Nick: And now she starts hyperventilating...

mybestfriend: I'm okay. oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God...

Me: (giggling)

AJ: So you wanted proof.

Me: you still didn’t sing…

All of a sudden they begin singing:

Happy Birthday to you,

Brian: Cha cha cha!

(Nick starts laughing)

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lizzi,

Happy Birthday to you!

AJ: (finishing) And your best friend, toooooo…

AJ: what’s you favorite song?

Mybestfriend: ummmmmmm…

Me: sing More Than That!

They sang, and it was the most beautiful a capella I ever heard, and I will never forget it, or this day…