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Another Night to Remember

By: Me

February 3rd, 2001- East Rutherford, New Jersey

Our cars were approaching the Continental Airlines Arena.

I asked my dad, a little too quickly, "Whatdowedonow,so?" I stopped and tried again, slower, "What do we do now so?" I still couldn't say it! If I wasn't about to be on the same premises as the Backstreet Boys, I would've been able to ask, "So, what do we do now?"

My friends laughed.

In the parking lot... 

It was BITTER!

"Why is everybody still in their cars?" I asked.

Wait, hold on a sec, here's a little background info first. Let's go back a few months...

December 9th, 2000, Saturday morning...

"Ladies, you are free to go..." said my track coach.

My heart immediately leapt to my throat. All throughout practice I tried not to think about it, but it was impossible not to. Practice was 9-11. BSB tickets went on sale at 9!

Heart pounding in my chest, I hurried through the school halls. Please, say they got tickets...

I got to the front doors as quickly as possible. I looked out anxiously and spotted my dad's car. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the doors and stepped out into the crisp December air. As I approached the car, everything started to move in slow motion. I had my eyes on the car, when suddenly the sky window opened. My dad stuck my Black & Blue CD out of it. I ran to the car, threw open the door, and literally leapt into the passenger seat.

"You got the tickets?" I shouted.

"CeCe got through..."

"How many? How many?"

"She got 8..."

"How did she get 8?! Oh my God, I'm going to another concert!"

While I was trying to calm down, my dad explained what happened.

"It was impossible for us to get through, but CeCe called 25 minutes after they went on sale...:

I immediately picked up the cell phone and made a couple calls as we waited in the parking lot.

"Hi, this is Lizzi, is Carrie there?"

"No," answered her mom.

"OMG! I got tickets to the concert!"

"You did? Oh that's great! I didn't even know they were going on sale!"

WHAT?! I though to myself...

"Well can you tell her to call me?"

"Of course!"

"But don't tell her yet!"


After that  I called CeCe.

"Hello?" answered CeCe.

"Thank you!"

"Hi Liz..."

After that was taken care of...

Me and my dad were still waiting in front of the school. Still one more thing to take care of...

Finally 2 of my friends walked out. As they passed the car I jumped out and stopped them.

"Remember I told you I was trying to get tickets?"

"YOU GOT THEM!" said one friend.

I nodded and they screamed and hugged me.

"Actually CeCe got 8, so thank her..."

Okay, enough of that- On with the show!

"What do you mean the doors aren't open?"

"Back to the cars," said my dad.

Freezing cold, me and my friends trudged back to the cars. 2 cars, 9 girls, 2 adults...

We all waited anxiously.

"When do you think the doors will open?" I asked.

"Don't know" answered my dad.

After about 15 or 20 minutes we got out again.

"Okay, you two know the drill," I said to two of my friends as I handed them our signs. They hid them under their coats, since they weren't allowed.

"Let's go!"

We hurried to the line of people waiting to get in. We showed our tickets when we finally got through the gates. Shivering, teeth chattering, we ran up the stairs, through the doors, showed our tickets again, this time only getting the stubs back, and were finally inside Continental Airlines Arena.

It was packed. Programs there, DJ's over there (Sharon and Danielle from z100's pajama party), tshirts, posters, thousands of people... Once you got swept up in the current, it was nearly impossible to get out.

After buying a progam and the bigest tour poster I could find, plus one bathroom stop, (we were all split up by now), me and a friend managed to find the entrance to our section. Our seats were section 230, row 24, seats 1-8.

Our usher was very nice (one of my friends gave him a hug when we were leaving, we were kinda sucking up to him though). When we got to our seats, there were people already sitting there! A couple of my friends were there already too, and I went down and told the usher, but by the time we (me and the usher) got all...the...way...up the steps to our seats, which by the way were last row upper level, the people moved. My friends said they were the next section over and were sorry (they made a mistake). They're seats were better than ours too, so they weren't sitting there on purpose!

I was joking with one of my other friends when we were walking down the steps, "Well, this is my workout for the day." (We're both on the track team)

When everybody finally met up again, it was almost time for the show to begin (but we didn't know that). All eight of us sat down, chatting, freaking out, anticipating the show to come. I put my stuff under my seat for safe keeping, then took a little stroll to find my dad and sister.

The view of the arena was awesome from the top, except I wanted to be WAY closer to the stage. I found my dad and sister in section 232, row 9. This section was also stage side, except section 230 was almost behind the stage and you couldn't see the screens at all. I kicked my dad out of his seat and told him to sit at the top with my friends. Lol, he didn't mind, he's not much of a fan anyway. He only came to the concert because my sister was afraid to go without him or my mom. The only complaint he had was that my friends were too loud, he hee.

Well, I didn't sit in my dad's seat right away, I waited until the middle of Krystal's performance. I must say Krystal was amazing. I was expecting another Britney Spears, but instead we all got a real, 19 year old with a buzzcut who played her own instrument (piano). She was awesome. She sang three or four songs. Oh yeah, before she came out the screens played an introdution with Kevin. People were screaming.

The show kicked off right on time, 7:30, and the BSB came on soon after Krystal finished. Of course, while everyone was waiting for them to come on the crowd was chanting "Backstreet Boys", and there were waves tearing through the upper and lower levels, but they would be stopped cause there was no one sitting behind the stage (duh), although I saw people trying to sneak back there (but they got caught).

There are few moments that stand out in my mind, and my favorite is the very beginning of the show.

The lights went out. At the top of the stage there was a flashing red light. I probably got goosebumps, cause I'm getting them now just typing this. The light was just flashing... Then on the screen there was a planet getting pelted with meteors. The dancers came on stage. Everything was so loud. I think everytime the planet got hit, there was an explosion. Everytime there was explosion, a group of dancers would fall down, defeated. Then smoke started billowing onstage, and 5 figures began rising up... AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and Nick! They rose up and up on platforms, I couldn't tell how high they were though. I think they saluted the audience (I wish I was in front of the stage) and went into Everyone, then into Larger Than Life, and the concert lasted for nearly 2 hours. The best 2 hours I've enjoyed all year.

I'm telling you, once you go to a BSB concert you will be a fan-