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"I've never blown my nose"-AJ

"I can stand to see blood or puke, but when it comes to anything mucus-oriented or flem or someone spitting, I gag."-AJ

“I look like Elvis.”-AJ

"Wow...she can dance better than Brian.”-AJ

I like Nick's butt.”-AJ

“Shut up man...quit talkin'.”-AJ

”I REALLY can't stand these guys.”-AJ

“Well heck.”-AJ

“My brother Bill and my brother Phil. Don’t make them angry.”-AJ

 “I hate clowns, they freak me out.”-AJ   

                                     “Rok...behave yourself...we're on national television.”-AJ

"It's all about some type of stuff."- AJ


"Facts are facts, you guys said 5 minutes and it's been 5 minutes and 35 seconds!"-Brian

"On the Canadian tour, we had a fluffy toy sleep on the bus and we called it Barbara."-Brian

”I'm a little better than him at basketball right now, but when we play, he plays so hard that he gets frustrated." -Brian

"I'm his big brother and I'm gonna knock him out.”-Brian

“I'm a Barbie girl.”-Brian

”My butt hurts.”-Brian

“Sergeant Cooper visited me in the restroom.”-Brian

“Take off your shirt Nick.”-Brian

“AJ's to blame for this.”-Brian

“I gotta go spit right now.”-Brian

"No, my name is not Gary Barlow, ha ha ha!" -Brian

"There's only 20 of us, I mean 5." -Brian

"Ooh! She's cute Nick!!" -Brian

"It's the Bone-cam." -Brian

"We're not gonna sell out like that." -Brian

  "He's going to be staying with me tonight." -Brian

"Me and him are the best ones." -Brian
These guys need to take grammar classes.

"I am married to these guys" -Brian
"I saw Jada Pinkett shopping at a mall once and I was starstruck." -Brian

"Freak-a-zoid" –Brian

"If you get a coke out of the mini bar, it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg" -Brian

"Might I show you the Backstreet Boys drawers?" -Brian

"I have two scars where I had my appendix taken out, but only the people who know me really well get to see them cause they're at the bottom of my tummy." -Brian

"Of course I like to look at pretty girls in the street. What hot-blooded boy doesn't?" -Brian

"I like to make people laugh by pulling funny faces or tripping and falling over. Sometimes I hurt myself but who cares!" -Brian

"I'm a real softy, you know!" -Brian

"Awwww…You sleepin'?" -Brian
"Oh my God...Howard...Censor!!" -Brian

All the people with the All Access video know what that ones all about^


"I haven't got a dog, or a girlfriend, I'm totally available."-Howie

"If I was their age and I was a girl, I’d probably go after Nick"-Howie

"I guess my hair is about as rock’n’roll as I get!"-Howie

"Nothing! Zilch! We had our after-party at a club, so all the guys were with me to celebrate, but the little runts didn't give me nothing!"-Howie

"I don't know if I would wear this.... oh no wonder, it's for women, that's probably why I wouldn't wear it."-Howie

"He's always grumpy in the morning" -Howie

"When he gets in his nagging moods, being young, he slaps you around the head" -Howie

“I am the breakfast burrito man.”-Howie

”Brian, what are you doing?”-Howie

”I am way, way uncool.” -Howie.

"A lot of people think that I'm shy, but once they get to know me, they realize that I'm not shy at all" -Howie

"I'd like to cook a girl a great meal, then dine with her by candlelight." -Howie

“I wear heavy shoes.”-Howie

"In sixth grade, at a party, I got kissed by two of the prettiest girls there." -Howie

"I love hugs and kisses." -Howie

"He talks in his sleep, you sometimes can have a conversation with him."-Brian talking about Howie 

"I take to long to get ready to go somewhere, I wait 'till the last minute then I rush." -Howie

"Hey, I'm Mr. Romantic!! I have Spanish relatives, so romance is in my blood!"  - Howie

"I once put someone's name on the Statue of Liberty. I was going up a spiral staircase that led to the top and I saw everybody else's name and thought 'What the heck?' It was mine and somebody else's name in a heart, but I'm not gonna kiss and tell. -Howie

"How did you hear of us?" -Howie

"Did you call my room last night and invite me to a party?"  -Howie

"I said hi remember? And you said you were tipsy?"  -Howie

"Did you see Kevin come down? It's a good thing I asked all of you before I went looking outside!!" -Howie

"I went to the Puff Daddy show."  -Howie

"I feel grrrrrrrrrrrreat!"  -Howie

"Right now I'm a little nervous, in about an hour I'll be REALLY REALLY nervous."  -Howie



"He's the clumsiest of the group. That's because he's grown so much in the past year, like three feet!"-Kevin

"I wouldn't let anybody touch my eyebrow because I don't want to look like a made-up girl or whatever."-Kevin

"Sometimes Nick’s attention span is a little short, but I’m not sure if it’s down to the age gap, or just the sort of person he is."-Kevin

"My way of winding Nick up is to correct him in front of everybody." –Kevin

What a rude, rude young man.”-Kevin

“Shut up Nick.”-Kevin

His dancing SUCKED!”-Kevin

“Of course I went out and blew all the money.”-Kevin

Scary, spooky, shrubbery...”-Kevin

“You’re gonna poke my eye out.”-Kevin

I'll just sit over here by the fax machine.”-Kevin

“That's phat to death.”-Kevin

“I got a question, is there a big towel in here, cause I need to stick my head in the sink.”-Kevin



“She could be tall, or small..."-Nick

"When I'm at home I get into a totally different world, but when I'm here it's totally opposite."-Nick

"I want to go on the Space Mountain ride, it's meant to be really cool."-Nick

"When I was little I was scared by rides like the ghost train, but not now."-Nick

"I think about what I ate"-Nick

"Sometimes good looks come in handy."-Nick

"I always like to know what time it is. Especially break time cause then I can rush off and play Nintendo."-Nick

"Hey Brian, go over there and I'll come to you like a flying spaceship!"-Nick

“We're sitting around picking our nose’s, what does it look like we're doing?”-Nick

"My hand, dumbass!"-Nick

"When we sing live we have the battery packs for our headset microphones fastened to our backs. Mine fell off when I was performing PARTY recently and the others had to sing it for me. When we came off stage I lost it and started throwing things at people on our tour bus!" - Nick

“And what, may I ask, are you doing here?”-Nick

 “We are the bug men.”-Nick

It was a pain in the butt because I couldn't go to the bathroom.”-Nick

  That's scary looking...right there.”-Nick


“Sometimes, I think too hard.”-Nick

“You see, umbrellas only work when water comes from up above.”-Nick

"I currently resign in it resign? RESIDE! Oh man I always mess up. I'm sorry." -Nick

We live on pizza." -Nick

"I'm a camera hostage." -Nick

"Howie snores sometimes, it's cause he has his mouth open." -Nick

"I want to be crazy forever, even when I'm 80." -Nick
Wow, how old will the others be when Nick turns 80? Whoa, Kevin will almost be 90… that is a scary thought. I’ll be like 75. Hey, now I don’t feel so much younger than them.

"The flying what?" -Nick

"I want a girl who'll let me hold her so tight and kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her...." -Nick

"He really struts his stuff." -Nick's uncle (talking about Nick)

"He whines a lot." -Donna (management) talking about Nick

"I do not." -Nick (answering Donna)

"Personally I like it when fans do crazy things! It may sound funny, but I got a thrill when I was   pulled into a crowd once. It's like 'How am I going to get out of this?" -Nick

"I had a spooky experience when I was sleeping. I woke up, but when I opened my eyes, I couldn't move. I didn't know what it was, but I couldn't move, it was like I was paralyzed. I was awake but not awake. It happened to me in Czechoslovakia. Me and AJ were sharing a room in this hotel on a lake.
It was the middle of the night, and I was awoken when I thought that I heard AJ saying something. Apart from the fact that I couldn't move, when I tried to talk I couldn't get any words out, it was really weird!" -Nick

"I'd like to see something just to make me believe that they really are there. I'm the kind of person that finds it hard to believe in something if you can't see it." -Nick

"That camera has been around us I'm sure everybody can tell. And right now I'm getting makeup which I CAN'T STAND!." -Nick

"Right now we're in a limo. And this is a PHAT limo." -Nick

"I can annoy the guys a little bit." -Nick

"Whatever! Turn the camera off." -Nick

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