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If you are a brand new site or a site struggling to get more traffic, email me if you are interested in becoming a Backstreet Forever Sister Site. 


  1. The first 10 to email me that I approve will become sister sites (I'm easy to please). I have 8 spots left. 

  2. You must be a FINISHED BSB or BSB related site. I'm not exactly looking for anything special. You can be any kind of page from fan fiction to a humor site.

  3. Send me an email with your link. Don't worry about banners or anything yet, just say you're interested in becoming a sister site.

  4. Here are the steps to what you have to do:

    1. Email me asking to become a sister site. Send me your link. Do not worry about banners or anything like that yet.

    2. If I like what I see (which will probably be most anything), I'll send you the banner code I want you to use. You must place it onto your site, either on your sister sites page or clique page, or you could put it on your main page or links page and mention I'm a sister.

    3. Email me again telling me where you put the banner so I can go see it. If it's there, then I'll email you saying you're officially accepted and I will ask for your banner code. If you don't have a banner, no prob. I'll just use a text link.

    Sister Sites must keep in touch. I will email you if my banner codes change, etc. so you might want to put me on your buddies list or address book.

::Also a member of Lizzi McLean's Clique::

The purpose of this whole thing is to help boost traffic to each others sites.

All right, now for the sites I have so far...

Mer's Muzik Page is making a new banner, so I put a text link here for now

:::::Mer's Muzik Page:::::

Click here to visit the site!
Backstreet Banner X-Change