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Rules, shmules...

Borrowing Pictures

I don't care if you take pictures off my site, but if you are going to use the pics I scanned in myself, DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG ( Hey, they're my pics, so you gotta give me credit. You may also link the pictures directly to my site using this address:

Fan Fiction Requirements

Please do your own editing (spelling and grammar).  I read all stories before I add them to my site, so if I find a story inappropriate I won't add it. I'll try to put all stories sent to me on. Please don't take any offense if I don't add your story. Please keep in mind that I may take stories off after a while (or maybe I'll just make a whole site that's all FanFic. Hmm...)

You can send me as many stories as you feel like writing. Try to send me finished stories. If it's not finished, try to keep in touch with me somehow. If you would like readers to be able to contact you, please tell me or I will not add your email to the Authors Page.

 Please send this info along with your story:

Your Name or Nickname:                                                                          

A little about yourself: you don't have to tell me much. This is just to put on the Authors Page.                          

Story Title:                                                                                              

Story Length: 2 Chapters, etc.

Story Category: ex. Brian, Nick, group...                                                                

Short Summary:                                                                                

Rating: keep it in the G to PG-13 range 

Try to send completed stories, but I don't mind if it's not finished as long as we keep in touch. Stories will be rejected if they are extremely explicit in bad ways, disturbing, beyond the PG-13 rating, sick, disgusting, et cetera, et cetera...

Fan-Non Fiction Requirements

Fan-Non Fiction is an original concept that I've come up with. Okay, maybe it's not original but it's a really neat idea. If you have ever met the Boys, seen them somewhere, gone to a concert, and you wish to share your experience with the rest of the world, write it up and send it to me! The Fan Fiction rules also apply to this, except you don't have to tell me a rating.

Joining My Webring

You must have a BSB or BSB related website. NO HATE SITES!

Please make sure you go the help page if you are confused about setting up the code. The address of the page will be sent along with the code.

Please place the code on a webring page, your main page, link page, etc. It has to be pretty easy for me to find.

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